LED lights

LEDs have many advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs. They glow much faster, which is important in the case of turn signals and brake lights. They are more efficient, more durable, energy-saving, smaller. Is it worth having them in the car? First of all, we distinguish LEDs that used in car[…]

Is it worth to having LED lights in car?

drive a car

90% of the information we receive while driving reaches the brain through sight. The continuous changes in traffic conditions (environment, relative position, orientation, speed, direction) require the driver to constantly adjust his vision focus to understand his surroundings and make the best decisions to keep the car inside the vehicle. Track and[…]

Some Tips to Improve Your Visibility While Driving

car falls into the water

We have been seeing images of people get stuck in the water. Apart from these images, it is not something so crazy that a car falls underwater. This reason is why we have compiled these tips to know what we should do in these types of situations. 1. Do not[…]

Tips to Help You Deal With Your Car When Get Stuck in the Water

Emergency Occur on the Road

The roading is the daily bread for millions of people. We spend a lot of time behind the wheel, and that exposes us directly to have a problem during these journeys. That is why it is vitally important to know how to act in an emergency on the road, to avoid major evils, and[…]

How to Act When an Emergency Occur on the Road

leave your car from suffering a fire

The main source for a flame to be produced is the heat attached to the combustion of a certain probably flammable material. Liquid or solid fuels such as plastic coatings or upholsteries that delight our trips can become our worst enemies. In Spain, there are around 600 fires in cars located[…]

Tips to Help You Prevent Your Car From Catching Fire

drive in fog

This phenomenon reduces visibility, and poor practice in the use of lights or signaling our movements can cause accidents. Also, many of the mistakes we make when we have to face the fog are punishable. So stay tuned to what we tell you below. Increase safety distance Contrary to what[…]

How to Drive Safely in Foggy Days

The New Concept on 2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Positioning up there with baseball and crusty fruit stuffed indulge in the rundown of America’s top selections, the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS is a family name among muscle cars. Chevrolet has pulled the wraps off the new 2019 Camaro SS, which retains the front fascia of the pre-facelift model and[…]

What is The New Concept on 2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS?

The New Features Review on 2019 Chevrolet ZL1 Camaro

You can find The 2019 Chevrolet ZL1 Camaro buying guide and look the latest 2019 Chevrolet ZL1 Camaro features in here. The car is the only 2019 Chevrolet ZL1 Camaro trim level that can be had with a cool two-tone exterior color scheme. The ZL1 Camaro features a 7” touchscreen[…]

The New Features Review on 2019 Chevrolet ZL1 Camaro

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible: is it worth $43,000?

There is a fresh look for the 2019 Camaro Convertible, which is updated, updated and provides more options and new technology, Steve Majoros, manager of Chevy car advertising, said in a statement. The cost of recalibrating the V8 to eke out a little more energy – and revalidate emissions tests[…]

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible: is it worth $43,000?

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe May Change the Camaro’s Face, a week ago, Chevrolet declared that an all-new Shock Yellow paint job will be released for its famous sports vehicle at SEMA. The Camaro handles like a sport vehicle, however, it sure isn’t sized just like one. So imagine your chin-stroking[…]

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe: Gets An Aggressive Face-Lift