Is it worth to having LED lights in car?

LED lights

LEDs have many advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs. They glow much faster, which is important in the case of turn signals and brake lights. They are more efficient, more durable, energy-saving, smaller. Is it worth having them in the car?

First of all, we distinguish LEDs that used in car lighting during an assembly at the factory and those that we can buy in the store or online as replacement bulbs such as the 194 led bulb.

Factory Assembly Automotive Led Lights

When talking about the LED car lights assembly by the manufacturer in the factory, they are usually noticeably better than halogen lighting. More expensive models of LED headlights have several functions unattainable even for xenon bulbs. In essence, they smoothly change the range and intensity of light on the road surface in front of the car. Some can even reduce the intensity of illumination at selected points of the road.

LED lights

Aftermarket Automotive Led Lights

Initially, only the latest car models equipped with LEDs, but now it is possible to mount such lighting also in older car models. Compared to conventional incandescent bulbs, LEDs burden less extent fo the alternator. For comparison, two halogen bulbs use 110 W, while the LED set uses only 50 W. The lifespan also works on plus LED bulbs – it is 10,000 hours, which is 30 times longer life compared to halogen. Besides, the light emitted by LEDs is the closest to the color of daylight and is ahead of not only halogen lights, but also xenons. Thanks to this, the environment is in a natural version that we see when it gets dark, the grass is green, the houses look the same as when we look at them during the day.

Led headlights are much more reliable for their ability to withstand strong vibrations, sudden changes in temperature or rain and humidity. Also, installing LED lights in your car will be much cheaper in the long run. Although these types of headlights are more expensive than conventional ones, their lifespan can reach 20,000 hours, almost the same useful life that your car will have.

LED lights

Also, installing LED lights in the car will save you much more energy than with other bulbs. LED bulbs to use about a third less energy than xenon headlights, even the t10 led bulb that can save energy as well. To all this, we must also add that LED lights are much safer because when braked suddenly, an LED brake light can illuminate immediately, the cars driving behind will be able to anticipate your maneuver much better.

If we want to buy LED bulbs, we must remember that you should not save on them. Cheap bulbs give brilliant light, but it is too low and too short range. Strong diodes have a good luminous flux and the right shape of a bundle that is still not the cheapest one. If we mount LEDs in daytime running lights, we must remember that we can only use them in good visibility. If weather changes, switch them to a low beam immediately.

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