How to Drive Safely in Foggy Days

drive in fog

This phenomenon reduces visibility, and poor practice in the use of lights or signaling our movements can cause accidents. Also, many of the mistakes we make when we have to face the fog are punishable. So stay tuned to what we tell you below.

Increase safety distance

Contrary to what you might think, driving in front of the car is dangerous in case of fog. You may think that you see it better, and you have a reference point in the middle of the fog, but the truth is that this increases the risk of collision, just like every day. Use the lights well and keep the safety distance, that is the best method to place ourselves well on the road in case of fog.

Use the dipped and position lights

What is the mistake we normally make when driving in fog? Choose to put the long lights. These lights, contrary to what you might think, reduce visibility because they are reflected in the fog, causing a rebound effect. Besides, they annoy drivers who may come in the opposite direction. What should you do? It is key. To start, you must put the dipped beam and position lights, regardless of whether the fog is dense or not.

drive in fog

The fog lamps have specially created for these situations. The way of projecting the light is different from the normal ones since its beam of light is wide and flat to minimize the reflection. Therefore, they are under the headlights or in the bumper area. While the front fog lamp has an optional use, that is, you can use it if necessary, in case of fog, the rear fog light can only be used in case of dense fog, when we have to see. You must stay alert because if they bother other drivers, you must disconnect them, and, in case of traffic jams, they cannot be operational either. Its misuse is a lack of circulation, and you can fine for it.

Increase alert level

The fog can surprise us by doing the route every day at the same time, still do not let yourself be taken by confidence and increase your alert level. Even if you think you know the road well, the fog can make the journey you are so used to difficult, and the dangers you can encounter on a normal day may increase at the least expected time. Remember that it is not a normal day and that you will not have the visibility of a sunny day.

Adjust speed

According to what discussed above, not adapting our speed to the situation is also a danger and irresponsibility. We often commit fog. In addition, many drivers despair when there is fog, increasing their speed to leave the area affected by it. This result can cause many accidents since by not having reference points due to poor visibility, the driver can go faster than he thinks. The best solution is to use the accelerator sparingly, and the brake always smooth.

drive in fog

Don’t stand on the shoulder

When the fog is very dense, many of you will have thought of stopping and circulating again when the fog has dispersed a little. It is a wise decision, but the mistake comes when we choose to stand on the side of the road. At that point, we can cause incidents and disturb other drivers. The right thing is to wait for the next service station or gas station.

Don’t change lanes

Often when visibility worsens, we choose, without realizing it, to take up more space due to invading the next lane. Stay alert and place yourself in your lane to avoid collisions.

Here we leave you this video, in which Toyota clearly and explains the tips for driving in fog.

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