Tips to Help You Prevent Your Car From Catching Fire

leave your car from suffering a fire

The main source for a flame to be produced is the heat attached to the combustion of a certain probably flammable material. Liquid or solid fuels such as plastic coatings or upholsteries that delight our trips can become our worst enemies. In Spain, there are around 600 fires in cars located mostly in large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. To avoid situations like that, we must follow the following tips.

leave your car from suffering a fire

Lighter no

It is not a matter of quitting smoking in the car, although it is not a disposable idea either. The idea is careful with all kinds of instruments. That can easily pass from our hands to the vehicle and ignite the flame of a catastrophic fire. Cigarettes, cigars, mismatched matches are the main elements that we must monitor in detail.

Electrical appliances also do not fall short, and if a bad connection makes sparks jump, unwanted combustion can occur, so if you distrust the car charger when in doubt, it is better not to connect anything and reach the destination without incident.

Transport of potentially flammable foci

Be careful when transporting hazardous materials that, far from being flame retardant, feed the flames as if there were no tomorrow. Private vehicles can transport dangerous goods, and the owner of the vehicle is responsible for carrying out this transfer as safely as possible, since the combustion of such materials, such as paint cans or poorly closed solvents, can have serious consequences.

Small machines still hot in the vehicle can cause the car to burn, so it is advisable to wait for them to cool before depositing them in the car. Once cold, it advisable that they are placed correctly in a suitable compartment, not in any way as if it were another vehicle occupant.

leave your car from suffering a fire

The battery can be a friend of the flames

The battery that many good musical moments with radio facilitate us can become our enemy. Its chemical composition makes it a source of heat, and any bad handling and maintenance can cause sparks of despair.

Not content with lighting a fire, the combustion of hydrogen that emanates into the atmosphere could even cause an explosion. Hence, it is better to handle it very carefully and take care to keep it in good condition.

To prevent is to live

As always, the best defense for danger like this is a good attack. In this case, since we cannot fight the flames, we can prevent so as not to have to cure. The maintenance of the vehicles is still that of the Spaniards, but many drivers carry out the necessary revisions to improve their safety and that of everyone.

Breaks, cracks, and deterioration are normally visible and. For both conventional and conventional, we are all vulnerable to fire.

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