How to Act When an Emergency Occur on the Road

Emergency Occur on the Road

The roading is the daily bread for millions of people. We spend a lot of time behind the wheel, and that exposes us directly to have a problem during these journeys. That is why it is vitally important to know how to act in an emergency on the road, to avoid major evils, and to contribute to increasing road safety. Here are some tips that will be useful if we forced to stop in case of an accident or breakdown.

In case of an accident

According to the Red Cross, up to 57% of road deaths occur in the first five minutes after an accident. Therefore, it is very important to act quickly and effectively, to avoid that the consequences of the accident are greater. If you witness the accident, the first thing will be to park the car safely, if you pass when there are already emergency services, or more people are helping the best thing is not to hinder the circulation.

emergency occur on the road

In PAS behavior, the first point is to Protect, so we will have to warn of the situation. It is important to make use of the reflective vest to be seen by the rest of the drivers and proceed to place them. The vehicle’s emergency lights can also help. In any case, it must check that no affected car is still started or can move through the area of ​​the accident.

The second step is to notify 112. The call to the emergency service is key; you have to try to remain calm and inform. Even the smallest detail is important, so you have to say the exact place, the type of accident, number of people affected, and their status. Anything that may be important will be useful.

The third step is to assist proceed to the first approach to victims. After the first evaluation, it should take into account that after a strong impact, there could be significant trauma. Therefore, an attempt will be made not to move the victim (or remove the helmet from a motorcyclist). In case of bleeding, the area will press to try to cut it. If there are unconscious victims, it is necessary to assess whether they are in cardiac arrest if they have the necessary first aid knowledge.

emergency occur on the road

In case of breakdown

And it doesn’t always have to be because of an accident. There are times that and forces us to stop the march. In this case, it will also be essential that we choose the place to stop the vehicle. We will have to try not to leave it on the road, but in some safe area on the side. In this case, we will also repeat the PAS behavior to avoid the cause of an accident.

The reflective vest used, the car lights are on, and the emergency triangles will place to get out of the vehicle (50 meters from the car and visible from 100 meters), we must not forget that not complying with these measures can lead to a fine. If any assistance is necessary, these services will be called and wait in a secured area without interfering with traffic.

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