Tips to Help You Deal With Your Car When Get Stuck in the Water

car falls into the water

We have been seeing images of people get stuck in the water. Apart from these images, it is not something so crazy that a car falls underwater. This reason is why we have compiled these tips to know what we should do in these types of situations.

1. Do not take off your seat belt until the car is stopped

That is, when you see that the car falls into the water, do not unbuckle your belt. The water will make the speed of your car decrease dramatically, and for this reason, the impact will reduce very considerably if you wear the belt. When the car completely stopped, and the speed change has normalized, you can take off your seat belt.

car falls into the water

2. Open the window

This moment is quite crucial. We can test if the window normally opened, and then the procedure will be quite simple. If this is not the case, we must open the window by force. As for advice, we must say that the front moon is very difficult to break since it is laminated. It is best to break the window of the pilot and the co-pilot. Why? If we open two of the same side, the force of the water will cause our car to tip over and maintain stability at all times.

We can break the window with a sharp hammer or with a wrench, and if we do not have any of these tools, we must look for some pointed tool and hit the window with force.

car falls into the water

3. Why not open the door?

We must know that the car will flood us completely if the windows closed so that the pressure outside the vehicle is different from that inside, so to open the door, we must wait for the vehicle to fill with water, and the pressure is the same inside as outside. At this time, it will be easier to open the door. Until then, we must look for the highest point in the car to try not to run out of oxygen until the last moment.

We know that these tips are simple, although we must bear in mind that, if for any reason this situation occurs in real life, it will not be so easy. First, if we travel accompanied, there must be a great capacity for organization among all the passengers in the car. Of course, we must avoid panic at all times and keep our heads as cold as possible in the face of such a critical situation.

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