The Guide to Change out the 5th Gen Chevy Camaro Cabin Air Filter


Today I’m going to be replacing the cabin filter in the Camaro. It super easy all you and you’re going to need is a screwdriver.

Pop the head amount just on the passenger side, stick it right behind on strut to that hold up the hood. Lift those little clip tabs up and these are pretty easy to do really just get like a flathead screwdriver and just kind of pick up at it use carefully plastic. We’re going to take the covering off alright so I just took out all the clips.

Next thing we’ll just kind of lift this up, you just kind of pull it out moves your cover, there’s like little tabs to lift this. But there are little tabs, there so there’s like a little covering set that aside, give that a pull up sometimes they’re a little bit snug, let’s give that a pull-up.

Put the cabin air filter in the car going this way so just go ahead and slip this back in and sometimes they’re a little tight fit. It’s just like a covering, that’s in and then it’s going to take our big cover.

I just got it adjusted, it’s easiest with two hands of the rubber piece on the inside and then this is all up against, it’s all flush the holes are lining up to put clips back in. We’re going to put the clips in close the lid.


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