Proper Tire Maintenance Can Increase Fuel Economy

Proper Tire Maintenance Can Increase Fuel Economy

What do tires and fuel economy have in common?

You would be surprised. Believe it or not, proper tire maintenance can save you serious dough in terms of fuel economy, ensuring that your cars ride just right. Not only does this include tire pressure, but a proper grip is also important.

According to the EPA, you can increase fuel economy by about 3.3% if you keep tires inflated properly. Although that doesn’t sound like much, over the course of ten years it can lead to thousands of dollars, depending on how much you drive. Tire pressure changes with every 10-degree change in temperature (a rise increases psi, while a low temperature decreases psi). That’s why it is important to keep track regularly.

Proper Tire Maintenance Can Increase Fuel Economy


Why does tire pressure affect fuel economy?

Tires are the only part of your car that comes in contact with the road. Flat tires can lead to added friction, which slows down your car very slightly. Overinflated tires can stress the rubber compounds, leading to bulges and cracking. Check your manual to see the proper pressure.

Having the right tires is also important. Plenty of treads ensures proper control. Bald tires can lead to tire spin, sliding, and a host of other problems. To avoid bad fuel economy and to stay safe on the road, perform proper tire maintenance frequently.

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