How to Replace Projector Headlights on 5th Gen Chevrolet Camaro

How to Replace Projector Headlights on 5th Gen Chevrolet Camaro

Today we are going to show you the bi-xenon projector headlight installation guide for the Chevrolet Camaro. Before we get started, you’ll need a 7 and 10 millimeter socket, a t15 Torx driver and the panel topper. Start by opening the hood and take the steps as follow:

How to Replace Projector Headlights on 5th Gen Chevrolet Camaro

  1. Remove the sixplastic retainers along the top edge of the fashio, remove the two 10 millimeter bolts at the corners, moving underneath the Camaro, move the two 10 millimeter bolts that secure the fascia from below
  2. Remove the three t15 Torx screws that secure the fender liner, peel back the fender liner for access
  3. Remove twoten millimeter bolts deep inside the fender that secured the front fascia, then remove the 10 millimeter bolt hidden at the top of the fender securing the fascia
  4. Next remove the seven millimeter bolt that secures the fash at the edge, remove the 10 millimeter bolt hidden behind this shaft to free the fascia, unseat the front bumper by easing it forward
  5. Disconnect the fog light and side-markerharnesses and then set the fashio side, remove the two upper seven millimeter bolts securing the headlight
  6. Then removethe lower two seven millimeter bolts that secure the headlight, now you can unseat the headlight, disconnect the headlight harness then disconnect the turn signal harness
  7. Reconnect the headlight harness, then reconnect the turn signal harnesssee the Spyder hid projector headlight, reinstall the lower two seven millimeter bolts, reinstall the upper two seven millimeter bolts
  8. Reconnect the fog light andside-marker harnesses then seat the front bumper fascia moving to the wheel reinstall the three ten millimeter bolts that secure the fascia deep inside the fender
  9. Then reinstall the tenmillimeter bolt to hidden behind the shaft, next reinstall the seven millimeter bolt that secures the corner, then replace the fender liner and reinstall the three t15 Torx screws to secure it
  10. Reinstall the two 10millimeter bolts that secure the fash up from below stepping out from beneath the Camaro reinstall the six plastic retainers that secure the fascia


Last reinstall the two 10 millimeter bolts at the corners, just close the hood and you’re done.

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