How to Install the Led Headlamp on 2010-2015 Chevy Camaro

How to Install the Led Headlamp on 2010-2015 Chevy Camaro

This is the 6th gen style Camaro headlamp for the 5th gen Chevy Camaro, I will do quick kind of look around of what the headlights and then install in my Camaro.

The new headlamp comes with a pair of halogen h11 bulbs. Here I got some H11 LED bulbs, I’d like to use these led bulbs on the new headlamp housing. How can I do this? Basically, you just need to remove the dust cap, spin the connector counterclockwise until the light bulb comes out, and then you will just unplug it and plug the new one in. I always just put the bulb in first, it will be set, so put it in, turn it clockwise, and then route the wire down, and plug this back.

While put the dust cover, you don’t push down, it is too hard, but you do have to push down and turn clockwise to make sure it locks so that you get the full seal. Next, I’ll install it on the car themselves.

Once you get the car already what you need to do next is you’re on turn the wheels to right first or to left. There are three bolts on the wheel, you need to undo all these with a 10-millimeter bolt. You remove and then take all these little pop pins out, once you do that bump or should come right off, take the bumper off and we’ll move on from there.

Got the bumper off, once you take those three bolts off headlight just slides right out and then take the OEM fog light bulb out of your stock headlight, move it over to your new headlight. And then all you will do is just plug and play the harnesses and hit the unlock button just make sure it comes on.

I get done with that put the bumper back up, put the push pins in the top to hold the bumper on. Once you do that then you can insert the bolts on the bumper and do the rest of the process, put the bump back on and you are good to go.



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