How to Change 5th Gen Chevrolet Camaro Car Battery?


Normally you’ll find Batteries under the hood of your car, but with the new Camaros, all you have under the hood is a spot to jump. The battery you get your positive connector, if you’re jumping it, you can ground it to the block. In this case, the battery is actually in the trunk.

Pop the trunk with the button and least expect it, the battery is located in it, get your spare tire normally

If your battery is dead and you need to access it being in the trunk. You need to climb through the back seat to move your seat forward, and then pull down. Pop your trunk right open, disconnect the negative battery cable, loosening that we’ve got the cable off, move on to the positive, push the positive cable out. The last part is to remove the vent hose from the battery which you can just pop out the side and you can pull your battery out.

Putting the battery back in the car, move your vent hose out of the way, grab the battery, put the passenger side in first. Make sure the battery cable posts are towards the front of the vehicle and then grab the battery hold-down and put it right into place on the floor pin and you can put your upper bracket on tightening all those down.

Feed the vent hose under the bracket, connect the battery cable through the positive, make sure the positive battery cable is protected with its cap. Reinstall the battery cover and the air compressor, slide the cover down. Reinstall spare tire cover.


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